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Case Study



eTrucks (formerly eTrucks IFTA) is a web-based software company that focuses on the trucking and transportation industry.

Their suite of convenient tools help truckers and trucking companies with quarterly fuel tax and other compliance requirements. More recently, eTrucks has expanded into other lines of business, such as the sale of Geotab ELDs and other telematic devices.


Custom Web Design, Logo Design and Branding, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Campaigns, Print and Traditional Media, Videography

The Challenge

eTrucks was a successful business and growing rapidly, and yet their website and brand identity hadn’t been updated for many years. It made them seem old and simple, which isn’t a great look or a great match for a cutting-edge software company.

They were in the process of changing their name and expanding their product line, so it was the perfect time for a new website and brand makeover.

They were also interested in exploring digital advertising, SEO, and social media in order to find the most cost-effective ways to bring new customers through the website signup page.

Our Approach
Logo and Branding

We created a cleaner, more modern, and more professional logo. The colors chosen are “Superman” red and blue. These colors also bring to mind the United States flag as a nod to the patriotic target audience.

We made a brand style guide for them, with colors, fonts, and strategies for keeping branding consistent across all marketing mediums and channels they were planning to use.

eTrucks Website Before
eTrucks Website After
Custom Web Design & Development

We built eTrucks a fresh, interesting, modern, technologically advanced website that better represented what they were all about as a software company.

Given the somewhat older target demographic, the website should be very simple to use. We settled on a design where visitors could learn everything they would need by scrolling down a single page.

Each section has a call to action that visitors will click when ready to try the software. The option is always on screen, never more than a single click away.

Clear, engaging sales copy and frequent prompts to try the software are necessary elements when creating a website that converts visitors into customers.


We created a low-cost, high-performance video with an original script, hired voice acting, and licensed stock clip segments – plus some shots of the software in action.

To date, this video has over 300,000 views and has brought in a ton of new customers through YouTube and Facebook advertising.

It has a classic “sales pitch” structure – problem, solution, call to action. The video does a great job of both explaining and promoting their software. Check it out:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO results take time, so even though we were creating a new website, we started working on the current eTrucks site immediately. Our developers know the tricks for transferring SEO progress over to the new website when we relaunch.

We developed 6 pages, focused on 6 main keywords (such as “ifta software” and “ifta audit.”)

Even though this is a competitive industry and these are popular keywords, the majority of our focused pages, including IFTA software, reached the first page of google within 6 months. An interior page of the website had even reached the #1 position for “IFTA Audit”.

Within a few months they were already seeing massive results. In the following months, many important keywords moved toward the top of Google’s first page, and eTrucks accordingly saw a bump in traffic and new leads. From June 2019 to November 2019 [Graphic – IFTA Software – from N/A to 18 to 9] [Graphic – IFTA Audit – from N/A to 5 to 1]

SEO campaigns are ongoing. We continuously research keywords and content strategies for eTrucks, and make updates in order to stay ahead of the competition.

These SEO campaigns bring new customers to eTrucks on an ongoing basis. Instead of working hard on finding leads, the leads find eTrucks instead – precisely at the moment they are interested in learning more, or ready to buy.

Digital Campaigns

The sales video was utilized for YouTube ads, targeting trucking industry professionals.

eTrucks also uses Google Search Ads targeting various IFTA-related searches.

All digital strategies are carefully tracked, measured, and optimized over time. Over the years, we’ve found a variety of keyword and audience combinations that bring in new business for eTrucks – where the cost to bring them in is a fraction of their lifetime value.

Landing Page

eTrucks launched a new line of business, which was a partnership with Geotab – a company that makes Electronic Logging Devices and other devices for the trucking industry. eTrucks would market and resell their products.

Step one was to create a landing page on the eTrucks website, that promotes these products – with the goal of getting visitors to fill out a form or phone in, asking for more information.

Then, we launched a combination print/email campaign to drive prospects to the landing page for conversion.

Email Campaigns

We customize eTrucks marketing emails towards a few different audiences, based on the size and type of trucking company they are, and whether they do business in Canada, the USA, or both.

The emails empathize with an industry-related problem the reader is experiencing, give them useful information, and tie back to how eTrucks helps solve these types of problems. The idea is to show that eTrucks can make their life a whole lot easier, and encourage them to use the 31-day free trial.

Print Campaigns

To accompany email campaigns, we also send out packages of printed material. It’s often true that people need to hear about something several times, in several different places, before they act.

The packages are sometimes extremely cost-effective postcards.

Other times, they are more substantial and include small gifts, which gives the mail a “lumpy” texture that is more enticing to open. A gift can also prime the reader to feel positively towards the sender.

PS – We designed some stunning booth and banner pop-ups that eTrucks can bring to tradeshows (below).


eTrucks has a stunning, cutting-edge website that they can be proud of. They’re gathering leads for a variety of different products based on email and direct mail marketing campaigns. Their search engine rankings have been improving, and their digital ad campaigns have been very effective in terms of ROI.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done with eTrucks and excited about our future together.

If you’re interested in being the next success story, get in touch today!