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Commodity Vault

Commodity Vault is an app designed to streamline the grain marketplace experience for buyers and sellers, increasing profit potential for farmers across North America.

CEO Mike Haupstein worked with the STEALTH team prior to launch of the app. He wanted a top-notch branding strategy that would make a huge impact when the app was released.


Logo Design and Branding, Custom Web Design, Marketing Strategy, Print and Traditional Media

Commodity Vault Header
The Challenge

When Commodity Vault first came to STEALTH, the app was still being developed. They didn’t even have a name yet.

We worked with the founder to decide who he wanted to appeal to, and to come up with the brand “look and feel” that would accomplish that.

They would need a name, a logo, colors, fonts, and other elements that would bring their brand to life.

After that was sorted, Commodity Vault needed aa variety of digital and physical deliverables to impress both investors and future customers.

The Approach
Logo and Branding

Mike is the expert, so we had him fill out a questionnaire to learn more about his business and his vision of where it’s going in the future.

With a little patience and exploration, our team found the perfect name and graphic identity for the brand.

Commodity Vault was chosen as the name primarily because it combined two important things: the service they offer, and the feelings of safety and trust you’d get with a bank vault.




Commodity Vault Logos


They had fun deciding between the logo concepts we presented, and were delighted with the final product – ending up with a stylish logo that combined “grain” (one of their main commodities) with “vault”.

We arranged the logo into a variety of shapes, styles, and colors that will be useful in any situation, and provided the client with all files for every possible version they could ever need.


We made a 15-page style guide for Commidity Vault, collecting their logo, colors, fonts, and other branding elements – and rules for their usage – into a single booklet.

Their new “Brand Bible” was key to the design of their future marketing materials and custom website.


The first thing we used the new brand guidelines for were the design of stunning materials for Mike to use in investor presentations – a digital pitch deck and printed booklets to pass out.

Since then, we’ve hooked Commodity Vault up with business cards, tradeshow displays, and are getting into merchandise like branded drinking tumblers.

Everything is consistent, looks professional and sharp, and immediately begins to builds trust with potential investors and customers.


Custom Web Design




We planned this website from the ground up, before the Commodity Vault app was officially launched. So, we were able to take into account what they would need to start out, as well as all functionality they would eventually need as they journeyed through the phases of business growth.






Our main focus for this website was to get potential customers interested, and then excited.

Our messaging and call-to-action strategy takes visitors through the stages of discovery – from problem awareness, to building interest in the solution – while making it easy to understand how to download and try the app when they are ready.




The website is an experience.

Images animate and spin, words appear and disappear, and the user gets to move through the story of Commodity Vault at their own pace using their scroll wheel.

Check it out for yourself!



With a striking website, a full lineup of marketing materials, and a brand that will “wow” their potential investors and customers, Commodity Vault has the digital and physical tools needed to make an impact on the industry, and become an incredible success.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done with Mike Haupstein and Commidity Vault, and excited about our future together.

If you’re interested in being the next success story, get in touch today!