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Tiny homes. Tiny design. Here’s why it all rocks.

For some things, less is definitely more. For website design, less clutter, less text and simple, minimalist design packs the most punch. For cars, smaller engines, smaller body, and smaller environmental impact are winning the next generation of car owners.

For space exploration, 28 gram chip sized “starships” are the next iteration in deep space research technology. Stephen Hawking is on board with flinging these tiny crafts towards Alpha Centuri. But most importantly – tiny animals. Need I say more? I think not.

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What’s Behind the Tiny Homes Trend? Our choice of housing actually ends up saying a lot about who we are and how we handle life. A tiny home is the opposite extreme to the multi-million dollar mansion, in terms of size, money, complexity and our own perspective on what our home says about our values.

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So just like what was behind the McMansion trend, the tiny home trend is driven by money, values, and what as individuals we consider convenient and necessary. Tiny homes are considered to be a smaller, more efficient way to live. For people that want to to escape what they see as slavery to their homes, tiny homes can offer a way to avoid large mortgages, heavy property taxes and having to clean multiple bathrooms (that one might just be me).

Living simply, more affordably and with a smaller environmental footprint holds a lot of appeal for many, from the debt burdened to the middle class to the modern hipster looking to live in a desirable postal code. All good reasons to go small.

Beautiful, Tiny Designs for Beautiful, Tiny Lives.

Tiny home prove that a well designed home can be almost any size. Tiny House Design gives some good food for thought if you’re thinking about how tiny a tiny home can really comfortably be (comfort of course being relative) and still have the stuff you need. Tiny home owners have to strip their lives down to bare essentials, but so many of them say that reducing the clutter to fit into a home that’s less than 300 square feet is an amazing experience. If well designed, a tiny home can be truly beautiful, and appealing.

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How Tiny Homes are Like Good Web Design.

The trend towards tiny homes intrigues me, if mainly because my work in web design really revolves around taking a lot of furniture (content) and fitting it into a single, useful, simple room (webpage).

Everything on your website should be a workhorse for your business. Every bit of text should have a purpose – to communicate your brand, product or service to potential clients. You can have pages upon pages with every single thing you’ve ever thought about your business. But then your website begins to sprawl, and each bit of real estate you sprawl across becomes less valuable to your brand.

Before long, your potential clients are getting lost in the west wing of your website mansion among the dusty furniture when what they really wanted was a bathroom (a solution to their….problem). Plus, you have to hire someone to clean a McMansion. For a tight operation, having a full time person just to manage your website content is perhaps not a good use of resources.

So let’s get back to web design basics. Think about how each page works for you. Think about how adding more web pages causes sprawl. Think about how adding an addition to that beautiful tiny house turns it into something that’s very ordinary, instead of extraordinary.


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