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There are a few things that I absolutely love. The first is data – numbers charts, KPIs, metrics – all the good stuff that tells me how well I’m doing.

The second thing I love is art: colour, noise, creation – the evolution of ideas.


So you can only imagine the excitement I felt when I came across this brilliant project.

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There are so many out there that believe that data is boring. Well guess what, you’re WRONG.


These designers developed their friendship by being next-level pen pals. They recorded data on everything from laughter, complaints and goodbyes, to what kind of door they walked through. The products are amazing.

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And not only were the results visually stunning, but it also gave them the opportunity to be aware of their surroundings; to observe and record life as it was occurring around them.  An important point the designers made on their website was:


“Instead of using data just to become more efficient, we argue we can use data to become more humane and to connect with ourselves and others at a deeper level.”


What an intriguing idea. And from a marketer’s perspective, what an important concept.

Today’s target audiences are bombarded with stimuli, whether it’s online, on TV, or even in our environment during our daily travels. Our audiences are becoming much more selective about what stimuli they are not only aware of, but retaining.

Consumers want brands they can connect with, that resonate with more than just a selling message. So how can we create those brands?

I think it starts here with data and art, and finding the deeper level between the two.


Something to think about, or discuss in the comments below!



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