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I came across this article today and it really got me thinking about how much the environment has changed around me in such a short amount of time. I know I often comment on how amazing technology is, how wonderful etc. etc., but it also blows my mind how limited it is.

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Here’s this poor guy (in the article above) who can’t remember which of his personal assistance programs runs his TV, and spends half his time yelling at Siri instead of Cortana.

I mean, isn’t that almost more frustrating than having to dig around and find the remote to turn the volume down yourself?


Speech technology is on the rise, but they still haven’t figured out a way to make it all work together.  Right now, if want some lights on, Alexa is on it. Need to know what you have planned for the evening? Siri is all over that. Want a glass of water that is exactly room temperature? You bet Cortana is going to be able to do that (soon anyways).

Could you imagine if the super powers in the tech world (looking at you,Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon…) integrated their technology and allowed all of their products to connect?

I am confident that you would have a fully automated house that could cater to your every whim the moment you walked through the door.

Oh, the possibilities!

Who is your favourite virtual assistant? Let us know!


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