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Why Settle for Ordinary? The advantages of choosing custom website design for your business

Custom website design for your business

Many services offer quick and cheap results when searching for website solutions but at unexpected costs.

Creating a custom website design for your business is like buying an off-the-rack wedding dress. You search for hours or days for the dress that will work best for you. You have no say in the material, shape, colour, length, or price combination. You only have a say in which one you choose. Of course, you can get it tailored, but you can only modify the dress so much. If you need significant alterations, you’ll need an expert seamstress and pay premium prices.

Some people are satisfied with an off-the-rack dress, while others want one made just for them. While a made-to-order dress is a luxury, it’s also the best choice in many cases. You have the freedom to choose the material, colour, and cut. It would fit perfectly to your body and accommodate your needs.

Wouldn’t you want your website to be the same way? 

Imagine a custom website design made just for your business, satisfying your unique needs, created by skilled industry professionals.

Website builders are cheaper – why shouldn’t I purchase one of those?

Yes, website builders are cheaper than custom websites. But what you save in dollars, you pay for in having a less tailored website and limited customization options. If you need to integrate custom features into a pre-made website, you may pay extra.

Imagine you need to shorten and adjust the sleeves of your off-the-rack dress. Typically, a tailor can do both of those things for you.

But it doesn’t work that way with website builders.

Instead of working with one tailor that can do everything you need, you must find multiple tailors, one for each alteration. Imagine seeing one tailor take in the waist, someone else shortens the dress, and another adjusts the sleeves. 

Plus, it’s not just one tailor that can make the one adjustment you need. Several tailors can adjust dress sleeves and dress sleeves only. Every time you require a modification, you have to seek and choose a tailor out of several that can do that one modification. Now you’ve expended more money and energy than planned to get your dress how you want.

This is how it works with website builders. They have a marketplace for third-party plug-ins that can add a specific feature for you. Unless every feature you need is built into the website builder, you’ll likely have to use plug-ins to get every feature you need.

I can get a premade website done in a couple of days – why does it take so long for yours?

A custom-built website is designed uniquely for your business by a team of experienced professionals.

The difference between a made-to-order wedding dress and an off-the-rack one is the quality, care, and craftsmanship put into it. You can likely see the difference between a $200 off-the-rack dress and a bespoke $20,000 one. Chances are, your website viewers can tell a custom-made website from one made with a builder.

The process of crafting a personalized website with a professional team is as follows:

  1. Acquire an understanding of your business, your needs, and your goals
  2. Write the perfect words for your website in the appropriate tone and vocabulary for your users
  3. Design your website in a style that fits your brand identity
  4. Develop your website and handle website performance, SEO, and accessibility
  5. Test your website on major browsers and devices
  6. Launch your awesome new website

This process requires time and ample communication but will ensure that your website accurately represents your business.

What can a custom website do that a website builder can’t do?

You just bought your off-the-rack dress. You love it, but you want to add lights and have them change colours to the music playing at your reception. You search for a tailor, but nobody knows how to do all of that together.

Sometimes, a business will require a feature so unique that you can’t find a plug-in that can do it for you. In that case, a custom solution is necessary. If you require special features, an excellent custom web development company will ask questions to establish the requirements for that feature: 

  • What is the feature’s purpose? 
  • What information does the feature need to convey? 
  • How does a user interact with the feature? 
  • What is the end goal when interacting with the feature? 
  • The team would create the feature from there to achieve its purpose and goals.

Website designers and developers also have a deeper understanding of how websites work. They will make considerations an average person would not consider, such as UX (User Experience), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and accessibility. 

UX ensures website readability and smooth user interactions. 

Good SEO ensures that search engines and the right people find your website. Web accessibility ensures that everybody can read your website. 

With a website builder, those things are partly managed by you. Why not leave that to a custom website design and development team instead?

Why is a custom website design better than an AI-made one?

People train AI using existing public information. AI-based website designs are made based on existing creations. AI cannot create things unlike anything else. If you want something out of the box, you must work with people.

Human designers understand design in a way that AI cannot. They understand why design standards and principles exist instead of simply applying them. They understand why to choose certain UI elements. If a feature can work with any of a handful of UI elements, they will select the best one for your website based on your needs and their design knowledge.

Additionally, AI will not deeply analyze your requirements when you feed them prompts. They’re not going to say, “Based on your requirements, we believe that what you want is [X feature] instead of [Y feature]. What do you think?” That kind of collaboration is only possible with professionals that understand what to look for and what to ask you. 

An AI does not feel anything towards your business, nor is it invested in your success. It will only deliver what is asked, nothing more.

Why shouldn’t I just use a website builder and buy a template and use that – instead of a custom-made website?

Some people are content with an off-the-rack wedding dress. Unfortunately, many other brides will marry in the same dress as you.

Your website should be unique. If you use a premade template for your business, several other companies will likely use that same one.

Premade themes and templates are designed to a specific style a designer chose, not a style that reflects your business. The layouts are built to be as generic as possible so many people will utilize them. There will be features and layouts that you will never need or use. Unnecessary code weighs down the size and performance of your website. In short, premade themes and templates are not built for your specific content.

When a bespoke website is made, it’s designed to satisfy your business needs and goals. It’s designed and built to the content that the website will have. After all, the content is the reason for visiting your website in the first place.

Are you ready to say goodbye to an off-the-rack online presence? 

Get in touch today to chat about how we can help you get the bespoke website your business needs. We service multiple locations around Canada and the USA. So no matter if you’re in Saskatoon looking for a custom website design or in Vancouver we have proven processes to deliver the custom web design of your business dreams. 

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