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About Us

We talk a lot about getting massive results for our clients, but how is that actually done?

Answer: It’s because of our teamwork-based approach and focus on relationship building -between us, you and your customers

Connect With Us

You’ll first meet with a marketing advisor, who you can plan and strategize with. The two of you will stay in constant communication during the entirety of your project. They’ll be your new best friend and liaison to the rest of the team, making sure everything stays on track.

Connect To Your Audience

At the end of the day, marketing isn’t only about how great your products or services are… It’s also about connecting with your customers, and building trust and shared stories. It’s about showing how your business will ease some pain-point that your target customer experiences in their day to day life.

Build A Strategy

The advisor forms the team of experts that your project needs. For example, a custom website usually involves a copywriter, a designer, and a web developer – each dedicated to seeing your project through from start to finish.

Can you guess why we want our clients to get massive results that exceed their wildest expectations?

Because, when your investment dollars are being multiplied over and over again… When your marketing brings in a constant flood of new customers… You’ll want to grow and keep doing more of it, with us.

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“I have a feeling that you guys got an education on this particular marketplace, from sharing back and forth with us.”

Gayle and Jerry Robertson, Owners, Bolt System, Nashville TN

Stealth Media

In a world where everybody else is focused on appearance, it’s important to keep asking the hard questions – Will this actually work? Will this be a good investment for our clients? Will this bring in more customers, clients, patients, applicants, or whatever else they desire? Will it sell?

STEALTH Media was purchased by Ken Sparrow in 2018.

After operating and marketing a successful software company for 40 years and counting, he believed many of the same lessons and techniques could be applied to other companies in other industries.


We strive to create a culture that is fun, inclusive, and consistently providing opportunities for improvement.

We always work to achieve our goal of becoming a well-loved global leader in the industry.

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