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I’m sure by now most of you have seen the controversial footage of an incident that happened “behind the scenes” of the filming of a Dog’s Purpose.  While I don’t condone what appears to be going on in the footage, it is a clear illustration of the way that social media allows incidents (or bad customer reviews/complaints etc.) to snowball out of control so fast that companies experience negative impacts directly due to that online incident.

So, what do you do when the great social media beast rears its ugly head?

In the case of a Dog’s Purpose, many statements have been released, yet none are truly pacifying the masses.

Though every circumstance is different, and some instances are trickier to handle than others (especially if they have to do with any kind of rights), here are 5 quick tips fo how businesses can address negative social media, and hopefully stop the snowball before it begins:


  • Take your time – while it is important to deal with the issue quickly (less than 1 hour is ideal), it’s also necessary to take a step back and address the root of the problem. This also gives you a chance to formulate a proper and constructive response.


  • Don’t Delete – unless the comment/post is derogatory or goes against your code of conduct, it is better to leave the comment, and address the problem with a solution. This offers transparency that many consumers crave, as well as demonstrates you care about your customers’ concerns.


  • Apologize! – but do one better, offer a solution to their problem. In the online world, we lose the authenticity of apologies, so having that solution ready helps the apology come across as more genuine and less generic.


  • Avoid fueling the fire – don’t attack the negative poster, and don’t continue to argue if that person continues to make a fuss. Suggest alternative contact (a phone call for example) and then stop responding. Some people just live to troll – and your other customers will recognize that.


  • Have a plan – it’s always good to know what to do in case of an online crisis. Public relations still plays a big role in online marketing, and you should know who, what, where, when and how to resolve any issues online.


Have you ever had a social media crisis and lived to tell the tale? Let us know your favourite tricks to doing social right!

An alternative view of a Dog’s Purpose.

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