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Banned-Aids: 5 TikTok Alternatives to Heal Your Video Addiction


What you’ve heard is true.

News out of the United States may have Tiktok users looking for another channel to share their short-form videos on in the very near future. At the time of this writing, a ban has been declared, however, there is still the possibility of it being overturned.

Luckily for you, here are FIVE out of many great alternatives, you can check out to unleash your inner creative… just in case.


This is the perfect alternative for creatives and influencers who are already prolific Instagram users. Add music, adjust the audio, and express yourself as much as you can in 15 seconds. The best part about Instagram is that it is easily the largest photosharing platform on the web, giving you access to a huge audience that you might not have even connected with yet!


Back in 2014, the grandfather of Tiktok was conceived. You might remember this lipsyncing wonder  – Dubsmash. With a huge sound library that has everything from song lyrics to movie and TV quotes, you can show off your skills and creative genius before sharing on your favourite social media platform (except Tiktok).

Is it time to dust this platform off and get dubbing?


Funimate is like Tiktok’s older, fancier sister from another mister. If you want to really get creative choose audio from a large sound library, create video loops, compilations, add text and stickers and you even have 20 different effects available to really step up your video game.

Though it might not be as great as TikTok’s Duet function, you can collab with other users to create a single clip.

Heads up though, if you want to level up, advance features are paid.


Missing Vine? Luckily, the creator of Vine has a new baby, called Byte. It works very similar to Vine, where users can create short and sweet video loops. This is the app to use if you want to capture those watchers with a really, and I mean really short attention span.

Like Vine, these videos are 6 seconds or less. You also get two feeds where you can check out the creators you follow, and also discover new content.


Up and coming with our favourite celebs, Triller is easy to use and already has a growing audience. Use the in-app suite of editing tools to customize your videos and show your creative flair before pushing your videos out to audiences on your other social media platforms. Sorry – this guy is only for video editing.

So, while you may be missing your daily scroll through your For You Page, there are many great outlets still available to channel your inner creative, engage with audiences and even give your marketing that little boost you may need.

Let us know which TikTok alternative you love best!


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