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4 Signs It’s Time to Switch to A Custom Website

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In today’s digital age, we must be mindful of our online presence. When someone wants to learn more about a business, the first thing they do is look it up online. Your website could be the first step to a sale or business opportunity. Right away, you should be communicating why you differ from the competition, and having a custom website is how you achieve that.

How unique can your website truly be if you’re using a website builder theme? 

What does it say about your business if your website looks similar to others?

An effective website should match the brand’s style, sell the business to the target audience, and provide appropriate services to the user. 

Does yours do all that? If not, it’s time for a change.

If you’re still using a website builder, here are four signs it’s time to switch to a custom-made website:

#1: When you want a unique digital experience

To stand out, you need a website like no other. Website builders come with an array of premade themes to choose from. However, the customization options are usually limited to changing colours, switching fonts, or minor layout adjustments.

It’s inevitable to end up with a website that looks similar to others using the same theme.

Perhaps you want to tell a story or take users on a journey on your homepage. The plug-and-play layouts you get from website builders may not be able to offer that kind of experience.

With custom websites, you can have out-of-the-box designs and layouts made just for your business. Wouldn’t you want a website people remember long after viewing it?

#2: When you need complex features

Website builders only include features that most customers need. This includes forms, slideshows, and search boxes. If you need anything beyond that, you’d typically turn to plug-ins.

Plug-ins are third-party applications that can inject custom features into your website. The problem with plug-ins is that they’re not always free, and there may not be one plug-in that fits all your needs.

Furthermore, if you use multiple plug-ins for multiple features and they inject sections on your website with different styles, your website will look uncoordinated. That sounds costly for an inferior experience!

By working with a custom web development company, you’ll have a site that includes all the features you need in a cohesive style that fits your brand identity.

#3: When you have a strong brand identity

Does your brand have an iconic logo, font, colour scheme, and style?

 If you were to describe the style, what words would you use? Playful? Subdued? Vibrant? Minimal? 

Surely, you’d like that to be reflected in the appearance of your website.

Cohesion is vital for a strong and memorable brand identity. A well-designed and executed brand style will remain in peoples’ minds much easier and longer. Your website should extend and solidify the brand’s style.

Website builders typically offer themes in varying styles. Usually, this means that people search for themes to use that fit their brand’s style instead of the other way around: acquiring a theme that fits the brand.

As previously mentioned, themes have limited customization. 

Want to use your brand’s font? 

Want more white space to emphasize a minimal style? 

Want rounded edges instead of sharp corners? 

If you’ve found a theme that fits your brand’s style or lets you customize everything to how you want it, consider yourself lucky!

If you haven’t found the perfect premade theme, you could have one made for you. However, a custom-made theme could require updates to your site layout and contents, and at that point, it’s likely best for an overhaul.

#4: Your website is outdated

If it’s been several years since you last updated your website, you could be overdue for a rework. Why not get a tailor-made website?

Here are some benefits of this switch:

  • It’s a notable event that will bring attention to your business
  • The new site can solidify your brand identity or launch a rebrand
  • You can retell your story or mission to those familiar with your business
  • Your website will be more accessible and have better SEO
  • Your website performance can improve

Switching to a custom website communicates professionalism, intention, and dedication to your business. Making the switch to a bespoke website isn’t just for refreshing your digital presence. It’s a strategic business maneuver.

Is your website due for an overhaul? Contact us today to get started on a custom website for your business needs.

    Angeline Manabat
    Web Developer


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