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Never a dull moment, right?

That’s the story.

Always something to do, no matter the time of day, night, week, month or year. Tourists flock to Broadway, Soho, 5th Avenue, East Village, anywhere Manhattan to experience the bustling chaos.

But what if you live there? New York of international lore is a city that never sleeps, but what if you do sleep there, day after day, month after month, and those totted up, touristy, overblown, kitschy, Times Square-esque places and events are tired and boring?

Well, I must ask – are you a nerd, my friend?


New York – There is Something for Everyone

Really. There appears to be no end of creative, entertaining, niche pursuits in NY that would appeal to even the most hardened hipster.

It’s almost as if New York was designed for culture to flourish in every little corner.

So for the nerd in you, I recommend Nerd York City.

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What is This?

This is a very simple website that has the info you need to nerd it up in NYC.

With Halloween upon us, there are some interesting Halloween themed events coming up. For instance, a Candlelight Ghost Tour of the Merchant’s House Museum.


Or how about a Halloween Murder Mystery at the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum? Spooky.

If Halloween hijinks aren’t your thing, there are also some unique design related events, details about the New York Television Festival and some fascinating sounding lectures and debates.

Nerd York City is smartly capitalizing on the Rise of the Nerds trend in popular culture, but this website really seems to be a catch-all for lesser known NY events in smaller venues.

I love it. I encourage you to love it, too.

Sure It’s Cool, but Love?

Well here’s the thing – as far as web design goes, Nerd York City probably won’t be scooping any Webby’s, but as someone really into a great UX, this site actually ticks quite a few boxes.

Light and agile for any device? Check.

Integration with popular web app, Google Calendar to help you easily save the date on events you are interested in? Check.

Obvious intent, clear design and short, simple, engaging text? Check.
Clear links to get more info you need, but not crowded with info you don’t want? Check.

Just goes to show that web design doesn’t have to be a complex collection of new fangled features just for the sake of it. Sometimes, simple is best, even in New York.

Now go and have fun.


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